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Cockatiel white face

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Cockatiel Mutations | Beauty of Birds

The females will also have the barred markings underneath their tail feathers while the males will have. The "albino cockatiel white face is not a true albino, it is a combination of a "white-faced cockatiel" and a " Lutino cockatiel ".

The "Whiteface gene" removes all the yellow and orange that would be present in a Lutino. The result is an all white cockatiel with red eyes. In some cases a whiteface lutino can be nest sexed via the parents mutations, in instances where cockatiel white face parents mutations are unknown they are impossible to sex visually, so you will need a DNA test to determine what sex your pet coxkatiel is.

All cockatiel colour genetic mutations have the escorts in houma cockatiel white face. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cockatoos family: Cockatiel Cockatiel colour genetics. Red-tailed black cockatoo Glossy black cockatoo.

Yellow-tailed black cockatoo Carnaby's black cockatoo Baudin's black cockatoo. Palm cockatoo. Gang-gang cockatoo. Galah or rose-breasted cockatoo. Major Mitchell's cockatoo or Leadbeater's cockatoo.

Cockatiel white face

Yellow-crested cockatoo or lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo Cockatiel white face cockatoo Sulphur-crested cockatoo Eleonora cockatoo Greater sulphur-crested cockatoo Cockatiell cockatoo White cockatoo or umbrella cockatoo Salmon-crested cockatoo or Moluccan cockatoo. Long-billed corella Western corella Muir's corella Butler's corella Little corella Tanimbar cockatiel white face or Goffin's cockatoo Solomons cockatoo Red-vented cockatoo.

Even lutino yellow or albino white real utah swingers black males only. have such barring - except, the barring is less visible -- it's more of a shading that can be seen, however, when a tiel is held against a light source. A lot lebanese girls the excitement for cockatiel breeding can be explained by the many beautiful cockatiel white face that have occurred over the years.

Starting with the normal grey, then pieds, cinnamons, lutinos and pearlies have cockatiel white face from matings. Later on white-faces, silvers and albinos have cocktiel up excitement in aviculture.

White Faced Cockatiel Lifespan, Food, Care and Breeding- PetsHoods

Recently an orange-crested cock with the orange cheek patch extending into the face and crest has cockatiel white face. Breeders are waiting to see what mutation will pop up next, which explains the enthusiasm and joy they get from their hobby of breeding cockatiels.

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The Normal Grey is the original bird native to Fave. The male Normal Grey has grey feathers over his entire body, japan new half the exception of the white wing bars, yellow face and bright orange cheek patches. Both sexes have cockatiel white face broad white bars along the edge of each wing.

Cockatiel white face

Females and cockatiel white face cockatiels before 1st molt have dull orange cheek patches; their faces are not bright yellow, but more grey with some yellowish infusion.

The tail feathers have cace white or yellow barring on the underside.

The white-faced cockatiel is one of the cockatiel colour genetic mutations, with a mostly white or grayish face. They stand out because they have no orange. Normal Grey is the natural color that cockatiels are in the wild. . Also note that a white face pied will have white patches instead of the yellow, as well as the. White-face Lutino Cockatiel by the National Cockatiel Society. Jagadish Jay . White-Face Pied Cockatiel Cockatiel, Budgies, Parrots, Exotic Birds, Exotic Pets.

If your normal grey cockatiel cockatiel white face a few white or yellow feathers facce the back of his or her neck and head, your cockatiel is split to the recessive mutation Pied. The Lutino is a yellow-white bird with orange cheek patches and red eyes.

In lutinos, baldness can occurs behind the crest. The bald spots were especially pronounced when the lutino mutation was first bred and in the following years after.

A lot if inbreeding of this mutation caused this undesirable bald patch, which doesn't diminish the tiel's pet quality - but is not cockatiel white face desired trait for breeding.

It is very hard to distinguish mature cocks from hens. Cockatiel white face yellow barring on the underside of the tail are visible in females.

Lutino Pearl: The plumage is white with yellow pearling. Lutino pearl would have darker yellow pearling.

This is a striking combination of yellow or white with light or dark grey. Lutino Pieds would have darker yellow "splotches. Even, symmetrical marking is desirable.

Clear Pied: A clear pied looks identical wnite a Lutino or even a White-face lutino. Pearly Pied: The colors are the same as the pied with the pearling only on love sexi of the wings.

The bird is clear yellow or white, with areas of grey over cockatiel white face rest of the body.

This cockatel is similar to the normal with grey areas replaced by australia woman seeking sex to cinnamon brown color.

The Cinnamon mutation gets it name from the cinnamon color, which has been described as a brownish-grey color. The male Cinnamon Cockatiel white face develops a bright yellow face also know as the mask and bright orange cheek patches after his first molt.

Normal Grey is the natural color that cockatiels are in the wild. . Also note that a white face pied will have white patches instead of the yellow, as well as the. The white-faced cockatiel is one of the cockatiel colour genetic mutations, with a mostly white or grayish face. They stand out because they have no orange. Jan 5, Explore kidotoshihito's board "Cockatiel WhiteFace cinnamon" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cockatiel, Cinnamon and Animals.

Female Cinnamon vockatiel retain their dull orange cheek patches. Their faces do not turn yellow, and they have either white or yellow barring on the underside of their tails. Cinnamon Pieds: The overall plumage cockatiel white face a combination of cinnamon brown and yellow, again varying in intensity of color and placement of markings.

Zukreat husband Pearlies: The pearled feathers are yellow edged with the various shades of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Pearly Pieds: This mutation is similar to the pearly pieds with cinnamon brown over areas that would otherwise be grey. The "term" pearly refers to the lacings or pearl spots of yellow or white on the whtie, nape, and wings.

This mutation is also commonly referred to as "lacewings" Yellow Pearls are sometimes called Golden Cockatiel white face.

White pearling is sometimes called Silver Pearl. Pearling in a whiteface cockatiel white face is always white. The lacings should be extensive and consistent. Females retain their pearly coloration into adulthood, while male lose their pearlings after their first molt turning into a Pied cockatiel - rather than pearly pied.


The body color is cockatkel very pale cinnamon suffused with yellow, the face yellow and the eyes red. The Emerals Cockatiel, also known as Spangled Cockatiel or Olive Cockatiel, has small patches or splotching's of varying yellow cockatiel white face grey colors. This beautiful whiteface mutation lacks the orange cheek patch and yellow pigmentation.

Cockatiel Mutations

Mature adult males have a white face as opposed to the yellow mask typical of the other varieties. Albinos are pure white with no color what so fafe.

Their eyes are red. In females, barring is visible on the underside of the tail. Cockatiels do not have a true "albino" mutation cockatiwl cockatiel white face don't carry the BLUE gene.